We deliver practical, technological solutions, which make a difference in thousands of lives.

Panatec is a company that designs, installs, and integrates premier residential and commercial solar electrical systems and alternative energy solutions.

In 2008, Panatec Corporation became SHARP, which stands for “Certified Solar Panel Installer.” Since then, our energy solutions have brought change to hundreds of homes and commercial locations. Panatec Corporation is among the preferred solar solution providers for the US Army and Federal Government. It is an emerging solar panel installation company.

Our Dedication to Quality and the US Economy

Panatec Corporation’s primary objective is to deliver high quality, US manufactured, products at affordable costs to customers, without performance compromise.

All of our installations have very high quality, US manufactured, parts, such as panels, racking systems, inverters, and other smart grid components. Done with five-star experience, good work ethic, and superior skills, installations on location are designed and built to last for decades under any adverse weather condition. We employ only NABCEP certified solar panel installers.

We closely monitor the installation process, address difficult tasks in advance, and bring desirable mounting quality in the installation. We do it all ourselves, rather than hiring subcontractors.

Panatec Corporation is a technologically capable, qualified, and certified Small and Disadvantage Business (SDB) by the NY/NJ Minority Purchasing council. It is also pending certification from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Panatec Corporation is a full-service solar provider, starting with:
  • A site survey and feasibility study,
  • Code compliant (Federal, State and Township authority approved) designs and structures,
  • A highly efficient, code-compliant electrical design,
  • And a computerized control and monitoring system.

Everything is done under one roof by highly professional and experienced workers.

Considering the existing economic crisis, as well as peoples’, corporations’, and the government’s restricted ability to invest in alternative energy and future products, Panatec Corporation has come up with the following main agenda:

  • Install alternative energy systems at the lowest possible cost.
  • Use only components which are 100% made in the U.S.A.
  • Create the maximum number of jobs in the U.S.A.
  • Stay away from the Wall Street-style, profit-centric, business model, only sharing the profit among employees.
  • Deliver supreme quality components and systems with a sense of integrity, dedication, and honesty.

With this agenda, we demonstrate our commitment to the government and veterans by standing beside their agendas in a time of national financial crisis. We contribute as much as possible to resolving it rather than remaining focused on our profit and greed.

We are very proud to provide such unique solutions.