• Does a solar system make financial sense for me?

Yes! Solar is cleaner and less expensive than power from the utility company. Solar is a smart financial investment because you will save money on electrical costs for years to come and increase your home value. Our customers who purchase their system typically see a strong Return on Investment (ROI) and expect to recoup their solar system investment within 5-10 years. Depending on the rebates and incentives offered in your area, you may be able to pay back your system even sooner.

With Panatec SolarLease and SolarPPA, you do not have a big upfront payment and can save your money for other opportunities. And you lock in a lower monthly rate for your energy usage.

You can get a quick, high-level estimate by speaking with one of our knowledgeable energy consultants.

• Will the government really give rebates and tax incentives for going solar?

The incentives and rebates are both real and substantial. Local, state and federal governments offer tremendous financial incentives for businesses to choose solar. A combination of incentives and tax credits can cover more than 30% of the total cost! The most important thing to keep in mind about these governmental programs is this—they won’t last forever. Now is the time to take advantage of the federal and state mandate to switch to renewable sources of energy; once the adoption rate reaches a certain level, the incentives will disappear.

• Is now a good time to buy a solar system?

Now is the perfect time to switch to solar. Federal, state and local governments are offering generous rebates and incentives to go solar; however, these programs are designed to reward early adopters of solar power, so the rebate amount per project continues to drop as the allotted funds are consumed. In additions, solar can dramatically reduce your utility bill and will protect you from rising utility rates for years to come.

• Do you have financing available?

Yes. Panatec offers SolarLease and SolarPPA financing for homeowners and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for business owners. Now you can start experiencing the benefits of solar power immediately — and lock in a lower cost of energy for decades. We install and maintain the equipment on your site and you get the power it produces. You just pay a low monthly payment.