Panatec is a minority own, registered with the Federal Government, a world-class technology company providing Solar Energy Solutions, Software solutions, and services, Manufacturing Solutions. At Panatec, we provide value-added services in consulting, project outsourcing, systems management, and packaged software solutions areas. We take great pride in presenting our customers with cost-effective solutions and services without compromising on quality. Panatec is located in Manalapan, New Jersey. Our highly qualified employees and independent consultants provide onsite-consulting services to their customers within the tri-state area (NY, NJ, and CT), across the United States and around the world.

Jay PanchalProject Management20 years, 50+ Projects
Software Engineering20 years, 50+ Projects
Electrical Design25 years, 180+ Projects
Soil Testing35 Years
Structure Design30 years, 35+ Systems
Snehal PanchalSoftware Engineering15 years, 40+ Systems
Grid Interconnection and monitoring15 years, 70+ Systems
PV Plant Testing5 years, 45+ Systems
C. M. PanchalPower Plant Commissioning40 years, 200+ Systems
Pre-connection Acceptance Testing40 years, 200+ Systems
Power Plant Testing40 years, 100+ Systems
Foundation Laying, Structure Deployment5+ years, 85+ Systems
Electrical Cabling5+ years, 100+ Systems
Panel Installation5+ years, 125+ Systems
25+ Assembly WorkerPanel Installation3+ years, 100+ Systems
10+ Machine OperatorsPile Drivers, Trenchers, Concrete Foundation10+ years, 50+ Systems
20+ General LaborGeneral Labor10+ years, 50+ Systems