About Us

Started in 2009, Panatec Corporation has been delivering residential (roof top), commercial solar photovoltaic systems. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in more then 20 states around USA.

We will be installing solar PV system to

Make your bills total ZERO

Reducing greenhouse gases from environment

Making your electric vehicle run from your home based solar power system

Ensuring lot of money back in Federal and state incentives

Steps are as follow.

1. What we do it?

Delivering roof top solar Photovoltaic System to deliver electricity in your homes

2. Why We do it?

Solar being renewable energy help eliminate

  • Green house gases which is equivalent to planting more trees
  • Reducing pollution from Air, helps preventing mercury contamination from fish
  • Running Electric vehicle, will eliminate gas pollution from air

3. How we do it?

  • As home owner purchase, lease or loan roof top solar photovoltaic system
  • Solar PV system will produce enough electricity to run your home, this will make your electricity bill almost zero. As long as you have this system on your roof, you will be paying ZERO money in electricity bills under so called net-metering.

Contact Us

Corporate HQ

Panatec Corporation
5 Elkridge Way,
Manalapan, NJ 07726

India Division

101 Sumatinath Complex
Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad 380006
Gujarat, India