About Panatec

Panatec is a minority own, registered with the Federal Government, a world-class technology company providing Solar Energy Solutions, Software solutions, and services, Manufacturing Solutions. At Panatec, we provide value-added services in consulting, project outsourcing, systems management, and packaged software solutions areas. We take great pride in presenting our customers with cost-effective solutions and services without compromising on quality. Panatec is located in Manalapan, New Jersey. Our highly qualified employees and independent consultants provide onsite-consulting services to their customers within the tri-state area (NY, NJ, and CT), across the United States and around the world.

Mission Statement

To provide unique value-added technological solutions to increase business process efficiency by which to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at an outstanding quality, in a precise deliverable timeframe, and at the lowest possible cost.


To provide high-quality value-added technology solutions and services as per exact needs of our clients at competitive cost resulting in business and technological, time and cost advantages to our customers, along with significant increase in transaction processing efficiency.

Lean, yet fully capable, the enterprise is needed. In a drought, big trees that need plenty of water to die, but small and efficient plants that utilize small amounts of water survive. In the same way, in a financial drought, big corporations can die, but small, lean, capable and efficient organizations always survive. Authors like Eric Rise call it “Lean Enterprise.”

A value-added Capability takes precedence over the capital, as exemplified by Panatec Corporation. This is a very well proven fact for economies like those of Japan, Germany, Korea, and many other countries. Companies like Sony and Samsung have proven that to win over the customers, they don’t need capital, but capabilities to produce the best products. They have thrived in the world market.